For the love of music.
This isn't strictly about new music, or old music, or music of a particular style/genre.

This is music that I think people will just enjoy. Either on a emotional level, a spiritual level, or a physical level.

There are so many layers to music. I'm not just talking about the instrumentation or the timbre of the song. But as well, it's aesthetic, it's socio-political context, even the way it's created and produced.

With this blog, I hope to expose you to stuff you mightn't heard before, to cater to your thirst for knowledge, and more importantly; to bring you the world of music.
  • Artist: King Dude
  • TrackName: Satan's Ghost
  • Album: Sing Songs Together

From the King Dude/Chelsea Wolf split that was released for Record Store Day back in April.

King Dude - Satan’s Ghost

Dark, gloomy, howling. Awesome.

Posted on May 6th, 2013
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